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RAM Upgrade

Enhance Your Device's Performance with RAM Upgrade 

Is your computer feeling a bit sluggish, struggling to keep up with the demands of modern software and multitasking? Say goodbye to frustrating delays and hello to seamless performance with a RAM Upgrade!

Upgrade with confidence. Upgrade with DR. IT today!

What is RAM, and Why Upgrade?

RAM (Random Access Memory) is like your computer's short-term memory – the more, the better. When you run applications or multitask, RAM stores the data your computer is actively using. Upgrading your RAM enhances your computer's ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, resulting in faster and more efficient performance.

Performance Boost

Our RAM Upgrade services are designed to provide a significant performance boost to your computer. Whether you're a professional handling resource-intensive applications, a gamer seeking smoother gameplay, or a casual user looking for a snappier experience, DR. IT has you covered.

Benefits of RAM Upgrade

✅ Improved Multitasking: Run more applications simultaneously without slowdowns.

✅ Faster Application Response: Reduce loading times for software and files.

✅ Enhanced System Responsiveness: Experience smoother and more efficient computing.

✅ Optimized Performance for Gaming: Elevate your gaming experience with increased responsiveness.

Prices of RAM Upgrades

*All RAMs comes with Limited Lifetime Warranty

*Prices stated are NETT

Commonly Asked Questions

What is RAM, and why is it important for my computer?

RAM (Random Access Memory) is your computer's short-term memory, crucial for running applications and multitasking. Upgrading RAM improves your system's performance and responsiveness.

How do I know if I need a RAM upgrade?

Signs include slow performance, frequent freezing, and system slowdowns when running multiple applications. A consultation with DR. IT can assess your needs.

What are the benefits of upgrading my RAM?

Upgrading RAM improves multitasking capabilities, speeds up application response times, and enhances overall system performance, leading to a smoother computing experience.

Can any computer be upgraded with more RAM?

In most cases, yes. However, it's essential to check your computer's specifications and consult with DR. IT to determine the maximum RAM capacity it can support.

How much RAM do I need for my computer?

The amount of RAM needed depends on your usage. For general use, 8GB is often sufficient, but professionals or gamers may benefit from 16GB or more. DR. IT can help you determine the right amount.


Can I mix different RAM sizes or brands?

While it's possible, it's generally recommended to use the same size and brand of RAM for optimal performance. DR. IT can provide guidance on compatible RAM modules.

Will a RAM upgrade make my computer faster for gaming?

Yes, a RAM upgrade can improve gaming performance by providing more resources for graphics and faster data access. DR. IT can recommend an upgrade tailored to your gaming needs.

Can I upgrade RAM on a laptop, or is it only for desktops?

Many laptops allow RAM upgrades, but it depends on the model. DR. IT can assess your laptop's specifications and advise on the possibility of a RAM upgrade.

How does the RAM upgrade process work?

The process involves a consultation with DR. IT to assess your needs, recommend the right RAM, and perform the upgrade, ensuring your computer operates optimally post-upgrade.

Will upgrading RAM delete my files or programs?

No, a RAM upgrade does not affect your files or programs. It is a hardware upgrade focused on improving your computer's performance. Your data remains intact.

Is a RAM upgrade a one-time investment, or will I need to do it regularly?

A RAM upgrade is a one-time investment unless your computing needs change significantly. DR. IT can provide guidance on long-term solutions based on your usage patterns.

Does RAM Upgrade come with a warranty?

DR. IT offers a 3-Year Warranty Coverage for RAM upgrades. Following that period, customers benefit from a Limited Lifetime Warranty provided by the manufacturer, ensuring ongoing satisfaction and peace of mind.

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