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PSU Replacement

Is your computer experiencing sudden shutdowns, power-related issues, or strange noises emanating from the PSU?

Power Up Your System with a PSU Replacement

The PSU (Power Supply Unit) is the heartbeat of your computer, supplying power to all components. A failing PSU can lead to various issues, including system instability and potential hardware damage.

Our experienced technicians provides precise and efficient PSU replacements, ensuring your system is powered up for optimal performance.

Reasons to consider a PSU Replacement

  • Insufficient Power Capacity

  • Noise Issues

  • Physical Damage

  • Power Fluctuations

  • Incompatibility with New Components

  • Voltage or Ripple Issues

  • Upgrading to a Modular PSU

  • Upgrading for Efficiency

Key Benefits of DR. IT's PSU Replacement

✅ Stable Power Delivery: Ensure a consistent and reliable power supply to all components.

✅ Preventive Maintenance: Address potential power-related issues before they lead to hardware failures.

✅ Professional Installation: Our skilled technicians guarantee a secure and accurate replacement process.

✅ System Compatibility: DR. IT provides expert advice on choosing the right PSU based on your system              requirements.

Prices of Power Supply Replacements

*Prices includes installation

*Prices stated are NETT

Commonly Asked Questions

Why should I consider replacing my PSU?

A failing PSU can lead to system instability, unexpected shutdowns, and potential damage to other components. Replacement ensures a reliable power source.

How often should I replace my PSU?

The lifespan of a PSU varies, but upgrading every 5-7 years is advisable. DR. IT can assess your system and recommend a suitable replacement timeline.

Can I replace the PSU on my own?

While it's possible, PSU replacement involves technical nuances. DR. IT's technicians ensure a professional and secure installation and provides proper cable managements.

How do I know if my PSU is failing?

Signs include sudden shutdowns, strange noises from the PSU, or system instability. If you encounter these issues, it's time to consider a replacement.

Will replacing the PSU delete my files or programs?

No, PSU replacement is a hardware upgrade and does not affect your files or programs. Your data remains intact.

How do I choose the right PSU for my system?

DR. IT offers personalized recommendations based on your system's power requirements, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

Can a PSU upgrade improve overall system performance?

While it won't directly enhance performance, a stable and sufficient power supply is crucial for the longevity and reliability of all components.

Is PSU replacement cost-effective?

Upgrading your PSU is often more cost-effective than dealing with potential hardware damage caused by a failing unit.

Can I replace the PSU in a laptop?

Laptops typically have integrated power supplies, making PSU replacement challenging. DR. IT can assess your laptop and provide alternative solutions.

What happens to my old PSU after replacement?

Your old PSU can be recycled or disposed of responsibly. DR. IT provides environmentally friendly options for the disposal of replaced components.

Does PSU Replacement come with a warranty?

DR. IT offers 1-5 Years Warranty Coverage, depending on the selected PSU, for PSU Replacements, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

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