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CPU Replacement

Is your computer struggling to keep up with demanding tasks?

Optimize Performance with a CPU Replacement

The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the brain of your computer, responsible for executing tasks and calculations. If your computer is showing signs of sluggishness or is unable to meet your performance expectations, upgrading the CPU can make a substantial difference. DR. IT's skilled technicians provides quick and efficient CPU replacements, ensuring your computer operates at its peak.

Reasons to consider a CPU Replacement

  • Performance Upgrade

  • Outdated Technology

  • Socket Compatibility

  • Gaming Performance

  • Overclocking Enthusiasts

  • Hardware Failure

  • System Upgrades

  • End of Life Products

Key Benefits of DR. IT's CPU Replacement

✅ Increased Processing Power: Upgrade to a more powerful CPU for faster task execution and improved              multitasking capabilities.

✅ Enhanced Performance: Experience smoother operation and reduced lag in resource-intensive                          applications.

✅ Compatibility Assessment: Our technicians evaluate your system to recommend a CPU that aligns with            your computer's specifications.

✅ Professional Installation: Trust DR. IT for a secure and accurate CPU replacement process.

Prices of CPU Replacement

Due to the volatility of CPU prices,

Contact us to find out the current prices!

Commonly Asked Questions

Why should I consider replacing my computer's CPU?

CPU replacement is beneficial if your computer is struggling to handle demanding tasks, experiencing slowdowns, or showing signs of outdated processing power.

How do I know if my computer's CPU needs replacement?

Signs include slow performance, freezes, or inability to run resource-intensive applications. If you're unsure, our technicians can assess your system.

Can I replace the CPU on my own?

While it's possible, CPU replacement involves technical details and potential compatibility issues. As the pins in the CPU slot is very delicate, a small mistake may permanently damage your motherboard. DR. IT's technicians ensure a professional and secure installation.

Will CPU replacement delete my files or programs?

No, CPU replacement is a hardware upgrade and does not impact your stored data or installed programs. Your data remains intact.

How long does CPU replacement take?

A CPU Replacement generally takes about 1 - 1.5 hours. DR. IT strives to provide timely CPU replacements, keeping you informed throughout.

What happens to my computer after CPU replacement?

Your computer will benefit from increased processing power and enhanced performance, addressing the issues associated with an outdated CPU.

Does CPU replacement come with a warranty?

Yes, DR. IT offers 3 Years Warranty Coverage for CPU replacements, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

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